The Colorado

A Murat Eyuboglu film, inspired by deBuys’s 1999 book Salt Dreams. deBuys is credited as co-screen writer (with Eyuboglu) and lyricist. the concert version debuted on April 12, 2016 in Houston followed by a May 18, 2016 performance at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The film’s screening schedule is at

The New Mexico Historical Review

Publishing a Southwestern Classic: Enchantment and Exploitation by William deBuys, by Elizabeth Hadas in the New Mexico Historical Review, Volume 90, Number 4, Fall 2015

Science Magazine

Review of The Last Unicorn by David W. Redding. “Part action adventure, part an exploration of loss, this book is a journey for both the heart and the mind.”

The Washington Post

Review of The Last Unicorn by Dennis Drabelle. “DeBuys is an evocative writer. Here he is noting the rapid arrival of the tropical sunset: “Close to the equator, night descends like a curtain in a theater. There is no leisure in the sunset. One minute you bask in yellow light, the next you barely see your hand.”

Sticking It Out

Colorado Plateau Advocate Magazine, Spring 2015


Review of The Last Unicorn by Carson Vaughan: “…it’s fortunate that a first-hand account of such a unique voyage exists. That’s written by a storyteller as commanding and reflective as William deBuys, well, that’s just plain lucky.”

The Christian Science Monitor

Review of The Last Unicorn by Nick Romeo: “DeBuys paints the disappearing landscapes of his journey with beautiful and evocative prose.”

A Global War on Nature

TomDispatch, March 15, 2015